SLC86’s subscription service is designed to help everyday people become better for themselves and those around them.  Each month includes a learning theme and the content is organized into four lessons per month, one lesson per week.  Lessons will become available to subscribers every Sunday at 9 AM EST.  Lessons include one podcast-style video that is hosted by John and Carole that takes participants on a journey to discover evidence-based practices and strategies that can be applied to their everyday life.  We look forward to sharing our experiences with you and appreciate you trusting in us to enhance your skills and become a better you!

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John C


Founder of SelfLoveClub86, John is a life coach on TikTok focused on the personal growth and development of everyday adults and leadership coaching.

Carole K


Yoga teacher, lifestyle coach, entrepreneur, Authenitc Feminine Mastermind, and the creator of Free Spirited Wanderer.

Monthly Themes

Each week the learning will be aligned to the content theme for the month.

  • January 2022 - Being Successful with Your New Year's Resolution

  • February 2022 - Learning to Love and Appreciate You!

  • March 2022 - Healthy Habits

Course Curriculum

Being Successful With Your New Year's Resolution

    1. Welcome to Week 1 of Being Successful with Your New Years Resolution: Goal Setting

    2. Smart Goals

    3. Smart Goal Worksheet

    1. MOD 1 WEEK 2

    2. Smart Goals 2

    1. Welcome to Week 3 of Being Successful With Your New Year's Resolution: The Iterative Process

    2. The Iterative Process

    3. 5 Ways You're Being Your Own Biggest Obstacle

    4. Create Goals But Be Flexible in How You Get There

    1. Being Accountable With Your Goals

    2. Being Accountable Toward Your Goals

    3. 8 Ways to Stay Accountable With Your Goals

    4. Weekly Discussion Activity

    1. Welcome to Week 1 of Learning to Love and Appreciate You: Introduction to Self-Love

    2. Introduction to Self-Love

    3. A Seven-Step Prescription for Self-Love

    4. Self-Love Journal

    5. Introduction to Self-Love Discussion Activity

    1. Welcome to Week 2 of Learning to Love and Appreciate You: Self-Acceptance - Worth

    2. Learning to Love and Appreciate You: Self-Acceptance - Worth

    3. Self-Esteem Worksheet

    4. Mirror Work

    5. Self-Acceptance/Self-Worth Discussion Activity

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